Mike Power

Investigative journalist


Mike Power

Freelance writer specialising in the drugs trade, author of Drugs 2.0 – The web revolution that's changing how the world gets high.
Clients: The Guardian, Mail On Sunday, Reuters, the BBC, Lonely Planet, and more.



The drug revolution that no one can stop

AT MIDDAY ON A THURSDAY this past April, a radio call crackled through from an ambulance team to the emergency department of Calvary Hospital in Canberra, Australia. David Caldicott, who was leading the shift as admitting officer, immediately noticed a tense quality in the ambulance driver’s voice.
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Drugs 2.0 – Guardian review

Steven Poole on a fascinating and funny study of the new drug scene.
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The hidden dangers of legal highs

In the last five years, the market for legal highs has exploded. It's never been easier, or cheaper, to buy drugs online – but no one knows what's in them, or how dangerous they are. Mike Power investigates.
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The first e-commerce was a drugs deal

Mike Power: Ever since the 1970s, drug users have employed chemistry and telecommunications to stay several steps ahead of the law.
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Artificial paradise

This year New Zealand introduced radical new drug laws in an attempt to deal with the confusion over legal highs. Mike Power reports on a brave experiment that hopes to marry business, science and politics
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Lab-coated pills: testing Ecstasy in Holland

With users in the UK dying from ecstasy tablets containing PMA, are Dutch pilltesting strategies the way forward? Or are users lulled into a false sense of security? Mike Power investigates
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Drugs 2.0 - Review: Drugscope

"Power supplements well-written context with some old fashioned journalistic scoops. He manages to talk to the people at the heart of the online drug industry – the sellers, the producers, and the psychonauts. "
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PMA deaths UK

Experts believe a wave of deaths in the north-west have been caused by PMA passed off as Ecstasy
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Molly: Everything but the girl

Many US drug-users think they love MDMA. But they are being sold a different chemical.
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KIller pills: Myth or murder?

This is not just another drug scare story. ‘Ecstasy’ pills containing PMA are killing clubbers in the UK. Find out how to make sure you’re not next, and why the government should be doing something about it. All across Britain the revulsion has been palpable. In February, consumers trusting their supermarkets to sell them what they pay for, found they had been dining on horsemeat rather than beef.
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Drugs 2.0 Observer review

The web has transformed drug use in profound and unsettling ways, finds Carole Cadwalladr.
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Cocaine smuggling in paradise

Panama's Kuna people have a lucrative sideline smuggling cocaine dumped overboard by Colombian smugglers
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Mike Power